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Online takes a look at what the stars have in store for Debbie and you… Do we get wiser as we grow older? It's not inevitable. One thing is for sure, though, we don't get older as we grow wiser. Indeed, the more we learn about life, the more we realise that if there isn't any room for fun within it, there is something seriously unwise about all that we are doing. As the years pass by, you are growing younger, stronger and more able to identify life's true priorities.

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This week, you don't just want to enjoy yourself more, you need to do that! And you are about to discover that you can. In love, cash attitudes may clash but keep your main focus on who people are, not what they are worth in terms of money. You have a powerful force for personal change in your chart as long as you do not expect other people to do too much.

However long a work or love choice has lingered, take a fresh look at it now and you will immediately know what you want and need to do. You need to step up now instead of waiting to be asked.

At work, you may not have all the facts you need but you can carry a project forward. At home, end guesswork by cajoling all involved to say what they truly think about a new address. This is an all-change kind of day in fitness terms as you find a more sociable way of exercising. But there is an element of competition, too. Passion-wise, someone who works as a fitness professional is aiming to catch your eye. Taking a detour on a routine journey can lead you straight to your personal destiny — your heart will already know what it is.


Mars fires up your deepest self and you feel work promises are truly genuine at last. The sun is on your side when you stand up for what you believe in. You have held back from speaking your mind in a group or at home but now you know you need to be per cent honest. The next step will be an excellent surprise. The closest bonds in your life deserve to be celebrated and those plans for a family anniversary take off.

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All Football. Now you see its true worth and you should be ready to fight for it.

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Daily horoscope for Monday February 25 – here’s what the stars have in store for you today

UK only. To opt out of free promo messages call Helpline: SP: Inveroak. Your sign overflows with stand-out individual ideas, and you have a buzz about you that is travelling further and faster than you think. Finding or just looking harder for fitness activities that nourish mind as well as body is the key step to shifting out of a phase that you have outgrown. So follow up on every lead, and say yes to a food transformation. You can enjoy some dreamy passion moves. Home and away are in conflict with each other, but you can find a compromise by really being yourself, and recognising those parts of life or love that you would like to review.

Neptune softens a family bond and both sides can start again.